BioGastrex's ColoShorts is a new and creative state of the art device to improve the colonoscopy experience. It is a medical garment designed to improve the patient's privacy and comfort during Colonoscopies. ColoShorts also improve the hygiene of the procedure area and reduce cleanup time for the staff following the procedure. One of the main reservations patients have about a colonoscopy procedure, apart from the prep, is the lack of privacy. Privacy is especially important for female patients. ColoShorts aims to improve privacy, and thereby improve the patient's colonoscopy experience.


BioGastrex is currently developing new formulas for Probiotics aiming to provide patients with the best combination with potential to improve colon health. The BioGastrex probiotic is under development and will be available in late 2020.


A unique state of the art device that improves the colonoscopy experience for both the patient and the endoscopist. The endocohort is pending FDA and patent approval.

Prep Boost

Approximately 27% of colonoscopy patients do not achieve proper bowel prep. Prep Boost is a patent pending formula that, when taken along with the prescribed prep kit, can significantly improve the colonoscopy bowel prep.


Pathology Services

Neptune Diagnostics is a pathology laboratory focused on providing the highest quality patient care. Using a unique business model, Neptune Diagnostics offers partnerships to qualified Endoscopy and surgical centers interested in increasing their revenues. By partnering with Aurora Diagnostics, Neptune Diagnostics is able to provide proprietary laboratory barcode tracking to maximize patient specimen integrity, flexible specimen logistics to ensure quality and safety, and many more benefits that will ensure efficiency without compromising patient care. Neptune Diagnostics is a sister company of Biogastrex and is slated to open in late 2020.


The BioGastrex IBD App is a free mobile app designed for patients with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and other forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. This app allows users to easily organize their GI health information and other general health information, as well as get reminders for upcoming vaccines or appointments. Additionally, the BioGastrex IBD App aims to facilitate communication between patients and physicians by giving patients the option to allow their doctors to view and edit their health data in the app.